Shanghai – Day 4

Plan B

For today, we had planned a daytrip to Suzhou, a city close to Shanghai known as “the Venice of the East”. Known for its canals, bridges, old pagodas and beautiful gardens, Suzhou was one of the highly anticipated attractions for many of us. Unfortunately, the plan to see the city got cancelled due to the weather forecast suspecting heavy rain for the whole day for both Suzhou and Shanghai. We had already bought train tickets for everyone, but it just was not worth it to spend a day of rainfall in a completely outdoor tourist attraction.

So, for a rainy Sunday with no other planned activity, our group split into smaller groups to spend the day doing what each liked best. Some went shopping, some even stayed at the hotel and rested, but most of us went to see the Shanghai Natural History Museum. It offered great discoveries even for the not-so-history-enthusiasts like most of us, energy engineering students, are!

Pictures from the Natural History Museum in Shanghai